Avignon festival

City of Theater

Only 20 minutes away from Cavaillon

Today, Avignon is known worldwide for its theater festival. For 3 weeks in July, the city sets the stage and celebrates the performing arts with great enthusiasm.

No area of the Popes city escapes the festival fever during this period of madness. Cloisters, chapels and plazas are invaded by actors, from amateurs to the most famous actors, in a lively atmosphere amidst posters and leaflets, covering the city walls.

A bit of history

Founded in 1947 by Jean Vilar, at the beginnings of the festival, there are only 3 theater plays. In spite of the vastness of this area and the wind that is blowing there, it is the court of the Popes Palace that is chosen as performing place. Since its first edition, the agenda combines both classics and contemporary creations.

As time goes by, the festival has become a must-see. In 1960, it opened to new stage directors and new performing places. The expansion keeps on going and the shows are increasingly bolder.

In and Off

At the same time, uninvited theater companies have invaded Avignon during the festival. This was the birth of the "Off" festival. Today, the festival gathers about forty "in" shows spread over 24 stages, and about more than 800 "off".

Whether you are an independent artist, a producer, a young company or an already seasoned one, whether or not you decided to participate in the OFF this year, if you have an experience of the festival which you’d like to share, you are all welcome at this information meeting.

Take the opportunity of the festival to discover the city of Avignon