The most beautiful villages of France

only 20 minutes away from Cavaillon

Considered as one of the finest french villages, Ménerbes is built on top of a hill, and surrounded by vineyards and greenery. During your visit of the village you’ll see that Ménerbes has kept numerous traces of its historical past. Indeed, this small village was inhabited since the Neolithic period.

During the 16th century, because of its fortifications, Ménerbes was known as an impregnable village. It was full of underground passages, and access was by two doors : St Sauveur and Notre Dame. In 1573, during the religious wars , the Huguenots, thanks to a trick and the betrayal of a priest, managed to seize the village, which became the capital of the Protestant movement.

Visit Ménerbes

In Ménerbes, you’ll have the chance to visit the “dolmen de la Pichouno”, the “Castelet” (small castle built on top of the ruins of an old fortress), the richly decorated church of the 14th century, the “Beffroi” and its steeple, and the Saint-Blaise chapel of the 18th century. You’ll also be able to visit the corkscrew museum, which features more than 1000 specimens of this small tool.

It is also important to know that the village sheltered some artists who are responsible for the international reputation of the town. Among these artists, there’s the painter Nicolas de Staël, the french painter and photograph Dora Maar (also muse and lover of Picasso, who bought her a house there). There’s also the british writer Peter Mayle, who contributed to the village reputation in the 80s.

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