Les Baux de provence

Les Baux de Provence

One of the most beautiful villages of France

only 40 minutes away from Cavaillon

Classified site, one of the most beautiful villages of France, les Baux-de-Provence is located within the Alpilles Natural Regional Park. Considering its long history, and the remains of occupancy dating back to 8000 years, this village historical heritage is amazing. It features a treasure of 22 architectural pieces classified as historical monuments : church, castle, City Hall, hospital, chapels, houses, doors, …, not to mention the furnitures and the paintings collection.

The only way to visit the village is by foot, and it has the charm and perfume that are so typical of the Provencal villages : small squares, shaded terraces, narrow alleys and shops. In the alleys, you’ll come across many artisans workshops, and shops of Provencal products. Located at the heart of the Alpilles, on a rocky plateau that is 245m high, the village offers some amazing panoramas over Arles, the Camargue, and the Alpilles.

The Baux Castle

Les Baux de Provence is the most visited village in France : 2 million visitors wander along the alleys of Les Baux each year, and come to enjoy one of the biggest monuments of Provence : Les Baux de Provence Castle.

The ruined castle was built on top of a rocky spur, above the village. Perched on top of this spur, the Castle looks over the medieval village.

An active medieval site

The numerous remains are the witnesses of the site’s importance : the dungeon, the Sarrazine and Paravelle towers, the Castrale and Saint-Blaise chapels, the farmyards, the Quiqueran hospital, the windmill, the house of oven, the dovecote, the watertank, the troglodytes houses…

During the season, many events keep the fortress alive, by immersing you in its history : “the medievals of Les Baux” from the end of March to the end of August, “Craftsmen secrets” every week-ends from september, and the “Autumnals” in october.