Le mont Ventoux

Le mont Ventoux

The giant of Provence

45 minutes away from Cavaillon

From its height of 1912m, the Mount Ventoux is the giant of Provence. Omnipresent in the Vaucluse landscape, its bare summit, a desert of limestone, resembles eternal snows.

On the southern side, the slightly steep landscape has a Mediterranean look. On the northern side, on the other hand, the landscape is wilder, and the view is much more impressive.

At the top of the mount Ventoux, you’ll find a tower with its white and red antenna, which holds a telecommunication network and a weather station.

The Tour de France

Regarded by many as a legendary stage of the Tour de France, the Mount is an ascent ranked in the 20 highest passes of France. All cyclists will tell you that the ascent of the Mount Ventoux by Bédoin or Malaucène is a terrible climb which can be compared to the most beautiful passes in France.

Meeting point for seasoned cyclists, the mistral can blow up to 300 km/h and the snow settles in winter. Since 1990, it has been registered as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.