One of the most beautiful villages in France

only 15 minutes away from Cavaillon

At the heart of a wild landscape, with lavender fields and vineyards, you can wander in perched villages. Gordes was awarded as one of the “most beautiful villages of France”, and is one of them.

After the last turns on a small road lined by dry stone walls on each side, you’ll get to this amazing village. By wandering in the small alleys which slide between the high village houses, you can discover old doors, arches and flat stone walls well restored. After stopping by a terrace, you’ll enjoy a wonderful view over the valley and the Luberon mountain.

Gordes Castle

You can visit the impressive Castle of Gordes. Rebuilt in 1525, this Castle already existed in 1301. Well preserved and restored, it was ranked as Historical Monument in 1931.

This impressive structure is protected by some big rounded towers, the walls are drilled with 3 levels of windows, and you can see there the towers, the watchtowers, and the openings for the direct-fire pieces. The southern facade opens towards the sun, facing the old village.

The castle hosts the city hall, and the museum of Pol Mara. Artists village, Gordes is an essential cultural stop in Provence.

The Bories village

This perched village is famous worldwide : in addition to the castle, you should also visit the curious Bories village. The Bories used to be some groups of dry stones huts that were used for farming by the shepherds and hunters.

Abandoned for more than a century, the village had been damaged by the years. That’s why it was rebuilt and it is now protected, but open to the visitors.

In Gordes, you can also visit the Saint-Firmin Palace and its troglodyte rooms, the bouillons mill, and the festival during summer.

You can't miss the famous and wonderful Sénanque abbey, confined in its green valley.